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Titanic Labour

Not the force of Greek myth but the early 21st century sinking ship. As the rats leave (Jaqui Smith and Hazel Blears at time of writing), it leaves only the inevitably poor showing in the European elections to draw out the plotters. But no one is brave enough to play the part of Brutus or indeed Michael Heseltine.

The truth is that the Labour party are suffering from government ennui, a desire for change regardless of performance. Labour’s performance in recent years has been lamentable: the impoverished response to the banking crisis, the waste (non jobs in the public sector) of money in the good times, the Iraq retreat debacle, failure to assert itself in Europe. But none of these are election winners or losers. The great British public invariably vote in general elections based on the economy, incompetence, or boredom but rarely ideology. The government have handled things better than in the dying days of the Major administration but one cannot help thinking that only a collapse by the Tories will lead to anything but a 1979-esque rout.

The smell of power has quietened the rabid right wing dogs and their howls of immigration, EU, and low taxes. The hope is that David Cameron will use the 12 months as thinking time to develop a true ideology leading to economic sustainable growth, a viable ‘free’ healthcare system, a resuscitation of our morbid education system, and a foreign policy that puts the UK and its sphere of influence first.


Now Blears joins in!

It is one thing for disaffected Blairites with delusions of grandeur stabbing you in the back but when a member of your cabinet goes for the hammer and chisel approach, you must question if GB has any control of his charges? Now Ms Blears’ column is 90% sensible: ‘win on policy, not rhetoric or soundbite’, but she is not so naive to realise that this would be twisted by the media to suggest post Brown positioning? Either way GB needs to ditch her at the next opportunity.

Hazel Blears suffers foot in mouth disease

Hazel Blears suffers foot in mouth disease

Hazel tells it as she would like to be seen by a future Labour leader:

The ‘too late’ support for GB

Stamp Duty Axed for a few

Now I have nothing wrong with the idea of stamp duty. Indeed it is the only thing that Gordon Brown did to try to rein a rampantly overheating housing market but this current action is just pathetic. Where is this money coming from? Nick Robinson provides us with an idea:

Did anyone see Hazel Blears on the BBC this morning? This woman is a prefect example of the sycophantic drivel which we need to vote out. When will politicians look for long term solutions and not headline grabbing shortemist exercises?

  • Do not try to stimulate a market which all unbiased bodies suggest is at least 20% overvalued as at September 2008.
  • A labour government should be concentrating on ensuring that mortgage holders are not hounded out of their homes by banks eager to recover funds.
  • They should be working with international bodies to create a Basle III or II.5 ensuring an increase in Tier 1 capital so that we don’t have our banks gambling this madly again.
  • They should also ensure that we never get to the stage where the nation’s people get themselves into a tulipesque market decoupling the idea of a first house being a home and not an investment.

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