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Conservative Party Conference Week

As the conference kicks off, the Tories will seek to place an emphasis today on welfare. However the Fourth Estate are not interested. They want blood and gore over Europe. DC’s Faustian pact with the europhobes was always going to backfire but what a time to do so. Cameron needs to stick it to the Neanderthals and say “It is power on my terms, or no power”. The Conservatives will emerge from the May election the strongest party but a hung parliament is in the balance if the Continent is allowed to dictate the discussion.


Cameron launches Europe Manifesto

Somewhat dwarfed by the Speaker’s speech, David Cameron launched his manifesto for Europe today. He impressed with the first half of his brief oratory. The euro sceptics of the country have long called out for a representative who is not a europhobe. There is a clear distinction to be made between reform within Europe and leaving the cosy club (but that should always be retained as a possible outcome should change not take place). The direct connection of the rebate to CAP reform is vital if a CAP solution is to be found. It is a collective disgrace that farmers of wealthier nations receive more than farmers of poorer nations in what is supposed to be a club of equality. A commitment to attack the gravy train of the Eurocrats was also welcoming.
The second half of the speech was less inspiring. The call for a general election seems ill timed. The reaction of voters in a general election at this time is very much an unknown. Whilst DC has responded well to the expenses debacle, the Conservative vote is still down in polls and may lead to less seats than expected. In twelve months, DC’s reaction will be seen to be a sign of a man in touch with the nation but general disdain for politicians will have subsided resulting in a withering of the votes for the minor parties ensuring a smoother election result. Mr Cameron’s desire for government is understandable but in this case, patience is a virtue.

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