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Yes Darling

So Mr Darling has promised to do something to the economy!

Well considering that the credit crunch began some twelve months ago, one can only marvel at his inability to have a structured response by now.

There is only so much that can be borrowed in the current climate therefore taxes have to be raised yet, Darling ever the politician, just didn’t have the guts to say the obvious. This unnecessary economy with the truth is incredibly frustrating. I was happy to praise Mr Darling when he acknowledged the severity of the financial earthquakes some weeks ago, but clearly he’s been told to keep his mouth shut by Team Brown.

What we actually need is a structured attack before the contagion gripping the city hits town & country!

On a separate point, I note the call for a windfall tax is rising in the labour ranks. Now I have a big problem with windfall taxes. There is a system already in place to capture a share of excess profit. It’s called ‘taxation’.  Also, I note that it’s ‘to pay for rishing fuel bills’. Where does this taxing A, to bay for B principle stop? Will all taxation need to be earmarked for a particular related expenditure? In which case, who will we tax to pay for defence or our MPs and civil servants? Now that’s interesting…


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