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The Dirty Tricks have started

Clearly Mr Coulson, former NOW editor, now the Conservative Party communications director, is being smeared by association. This story has been around for some time but is being released now (by the left wing Guardian Newspaper), to disrupt the Conservative Party. Expect more stories ‘breaking’ about senior members of the Tories as we approach the election. Should there be enough instant damage then GB would call an October election. But I doubt this will happen, a drip feed through to a May 2010 election is more likely, as Labour cross their fingers and hope desperately for some for of evidence of ‘green shoots’.


Northern Shock


As the government prepares to nationalise Northern Rock, we must ask ourselves how would a Conservative government have dealt with the situation. Of course what should have happened is that the company should have been allowed to fall as a warning to us all. But of course the public relations disaster meant that this is not a viable option for a government of any colour.

With this in mind, I still believe that the correct course would have been to exercise the Government’s arm as the biggest stakeholder to effectively nationalise the company. Now I know that nationalisation is not on a right wing government’s agenda but, this would effectively give senior management time to restructure the company and then sell it in two years time once the market has calmed.

What is actually happening is that the tail is wagging the dog as shareholders are demanding a higher price. The government should screw its courage to the sticking post and pay the shareholders nothing.

To the shareholders: ‘Caveat emptor’!

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