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The Gordon Brown Interview

Having just watched Andrew Marr’s interview with Gordon Brown, one can only surmise that it was a valiant stand by an outgoing prime minister. Whether his successor will be Labour (after an ousting) or Conservative (after the general election) has yet to be decided.

The Markets

Try as GB could to wriggle out of it, the fact remains that he was Chancellor of one of the world’s largest economies at a time of severe largesse.

  • Does anyone recall GB’s bemoaning the erosion of T1 capital at the financial institutions?
  • Does anyone remember the ‘prudent’ chancellor criticising a bonus system which was not in sync with the actual profit line?
  • GB tried to stoke the housing market when all sane people were suggesting that a neutral approach was the minimum that should be taken.

In fact he was too happy to accept their contributions to the Treasury, wasting much of the funds, particularly over the last four years.

The Personality

GB gave the diplomatic two fingers to those in his party seeking to unseat him. After all, his successor would only have a maximum of 18 months to cement a personality and policy upon the British public. He also stole Tony Blair’s line about being just an ordinary guy. GB’s never had a real job! Politics is not a real job.

The Result

Andrew Marr tried to corner GB but GB always had the upper hand in language if not in substance.

Score Draw.


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